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Real estate law, which legally protects real estate, purchase and sale of real estate, etc. It is the branch of law that makes necessary arrangements in transactions. Real estate law is actually related to many branches of law such as the law of obligations, enforcement law, property law. In this sense, lawyers dealing with real estate cases are also competent in the legislation related to the branches of law that real estate law is related to.

Turkey Property Law Lawyers Services

  • Preparation of construction contracts in return for flat
  • Opening and following up title deed establishment, cancellation, and registration cases
  • Mortgage establishment, follow-up of mortgage liquidation issues
  • Settlement of disputes regarding usufruct, right of way, individualized personal rights
  • Building cooperative management and operations
  • Defective real estate lawsuit
  • litigation against seizure
  • Licensing and zoning status determination services
  • Contracts for contracting, supply, subcontracting, and similar construction services
  • Condominium and easement setup
  • Pre-sale and rental agreements
  • Implementation of the management plan and annotation of the title deed within the scope of Law No. 6306 on Transformation of Areas Under Disaster Risk, our office provides all kinds of legal services related to urban transformation law.